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Saturday, 2 January 2010

NEWS: The Future's Bright

For electronic music at least, the future's bright. According to a BBC News article today summing up 2009's popularity for electro-pop acts 2010 is set to continue this trend. Yes, they may be talking pop but as we know, these days the rule of the 'big four' record companies is diminishing and independent artists have just as much chance of making the Charts as anyone else.

"Electro-pop will continue to dominate, judging by the 15 acts on the longlist for the BBC Sound of 2010.."

2009 saw both pop and hip hop largely influenced by house music - right now Lady GaGa's Bad Romance (produced by 'Best Dance Recording' Grammy Award nominee, Red One) tops the charts. The influence these tunes has on the general public will only grow their enthusiasm for electronic music and should provide easier access for house music artists to reach out to more people than ever before. Like the article says, the future's bright!

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