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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

House - Where we stand?

Hey there

I guess no one here know who I'm so a brief introduction. I can say that I'm a music lover but that we all are. So, my passion for music comes in form of fast paced beats and the likes of big producers (Mark Knight, Fedde le Grand, Dirty South and so on) and other not so big, but still good - Barty More yeahh ;) I always have a nostalgic feeling from those house tracks from back in the days and I will post every now and then a banging tune from the 80's and 90's (the best soul foul house era). You can always follow me on twitter/ivancardoso or add me on facebook.com/ivancardoso.

We know that have been a while since the last post. Our front man is dealing with new projects but hes still on board (I'm just helping a bit) and hopefully he will post something for you guys very soon.

Now, let's agree that in the past few years electronic music have evolved and gained more and more fans around the world. To be honest, the kids love the raves, the drugs and the sex (and anything else that their parents wont let them do at the back garden). Ibiza is still hot, but the Greeks are catching up. Miami, LA is a getting hotter and hotter and the UK baby, the country that spread house music trough the old continent, is sill banging. However, the raves that we see nowadays are nothing compared with when people would have to travel along dark roads to find the location of a secret rave (and when u get there you would have 1000+ ravers already ... awesome). Yes, now we have a different party every day of the week in every city of the world and some of them are banging as hell, with endless queues (like EDC in LA last weekend) and other's, ho well, 400 people in a 1500 venue doesn't sound so great, does it?

This makes me think that the concept of going out is changing a bit, in fact, some of my friends are telling me that now they prefer to go to the smaller parties with 100 people and enjoy the pleasures of a full house but with good behavior from fellow ravers (what a pleasure to enjoy the music with someone that you never meet before but that makes you feel like you were friends since childhood). I miss that to be honest. But I also love a packed outside area in a summer time with ravers singing along the tunes that the DJ brings on. (YEAP... I'm packing for SW4 :D )

To be honest that doesn't surprise me too much. We have witnessed a boom in the night club industry with so many clubs being open (and now being closed or sold) that we skipped the most important thing, the MUSIC. With companies so focused on making money we tend to forget the basic steps of a good night. Drinks are overrated, djs are overrated, venues are overrated. I go to a big club and I cant move and when I do so I have someone asking if I have pills LOL. You know what? I'm gonna start to trow my house parties again and you are all invited :)

Now a reflection question. Where would you prefer to go? A club that is always packed and with the best line-up possible or to a small gathering of people (let's say my house lol) where you know that you will fit and still have a good time?