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Thursday, 31 July 2008

CLASSIC: Moby - Go

There was mention of last week's Classic, Papua New Guinea, possibly holding the record for being the most re-released track ever. Moby's Go could easily be a contender for that crown. Based around the a sample of the strings section from Laura Palmer's Theme from Twin Peaks, Go has more remixes (a lot of them by Moby himself) than you ever could name in one sitting. The track featured here is an edit of the Woodtick Mix, probably the best known version.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Moby - Disco Lies (Spencer and Hill Remix)

We're going for a shortlived Moby theme on my posts for this and the upcoming Classic Of The Week (see if you can guess what that'll be?). Disco Lies is taken from Moby's recently released album Last Night, which is a definite return to form for the New York-born producer. This track mixes the soulful voice of Shayna Steele with some energetic electro-edged beats, and Spencer And Hill take these elements up a few notches. If you haven't heard this doing the rounds already, expect it to be tearing up a dancefloor near you soon.

Offical Myspace

Friday, 25 July 2008

REVIEW: Podcast Kicks

Recently we received an email from a chap notifying us of a website he thought we may be interested in. Naturally, we checked it out and were pleasently surprised with what we found. So much so, we thought we'd review it for you!

Podcast Kicks is a great way to find new and established podcasts. Of course, we headed straight over to the music category to start our journey.

The site is entirely community driven. This means users can contribute by adding their own as well as other people's podcasts that they listen to. These can then be 'kicked' (or in other words, voted) by 'tuning in' to the 'cast. The idea is that the best podcasts head to the top of the list, essentially weeding out the trash and presenting you with the best material out there. But wait, here's the best bit.. For every podcast you submit, you share 50% of the profits made from Google's AdSense service on that page!

There are many other categories ranging from the arts to politics and technology. We found the music section full of content and will probably be adding some of our podcasts to the list!

Signing up takes just seconds so check it out. 5/5

Dirty South - Let It Go

Released on Axtone Records, Let If Go is one of the Serbian-born producer and DJ's biggest hits to date, receiving the acclaimed 'Essential New Tune' award on Pete Tong's radio show. Perfect for summer, this little gem will have you bouncing around the room in no time!

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Thursday, 24 July 2008

D.I.M. - Is You

While we're on the subject (see previous entry) here's another filthy little number.. This one was brought to our attention by the trend-setting magazine, MixMag who featured the techno/electro producing German DJ this month. Just one of D.I.M.'s many hard hitting, skull crushing productions, Is You is quite an intense track based around a single sample of a girl singing, "All I need is you" - with extra filth, naturally.

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Fake Blood - Mars

Hailing from London, Fake Blood blesses us with an original tune. That's right, ie. not a remix! If you didn't know, this anonymous producer has been remixing extensively for a while, so it's a welcome change to his repertoire. Preferably to be played in an underground warehouse somewhere, Mars is a blatant attack on one's ear drums - in the literal sense. Talk about filthy..

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

CLASSIC: Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea

1991 was a good year, namely because of this track. FSOL, currently working under the name Amorphous Androygnous (amongst others), released Papua New Guinea as their debut single and it later appeared on the album Accelerator. It could quite probably hold the record for the most re-releases of any single track, and has featured on numerous dance compilations in one form or another.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

PODCAST: Highway To House - Episode 001

The first edition of this deep house podcast is brought to us by Finnish DJ, Copernicus. There will be a new episode every month featuring many of the wide ranging sub-genres of house so be sure to subscribe so as not to miss a thing.

Perfect for a chilled out summer's evening, this debut mix will have you dreaming of beaches, sunsets, and may even encourage you to book a holiday in the sun, who knows?! Sit back, relax, and enjoy..

Download / Playlist / RSS Link

Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman - 3 Minutes To Explain

Pacha Ibiza resident DJ and 'Put Your Hands Up For Detroit' producer extraordinaire teams up with Funkerman to bring us yet another radio banger. Rather unusual sounding for a house track, 3 Minutes To Explain sounds almost like the work of hip hop master, Timbaland. Perhaps this is understandable when we consider Ardie van Beek (Funkerman) started out as a hip hop DJ. Either way, the end result is a quality commercial production aimed to please the masses. Check out the video below.

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Monday, 21 July 2008

NEWS: Best of House joins YouTube!

You can find our 'Tune of the Week' on our YouTube channel, here. It won't be posted on the blog as it will be one of the tunes we've already featured. Add us to keep up to date!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Junkie XL - Stratosphere

"If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!" That's classically trained producer and DJ, Tom Holkenborg's (Junkie XL's) motto, and who could argue when the dance music-obsessed nation are producing hits such as this? Arguably the best track on his 'Booming Back At You' album released earlier this year, Stratosphere is laden with thick pulsating bass, a swooping electro melody, and the kind of uplifting feel-good vibe more often associated with Trance. Definitely one for the Summer.

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The Shapeshifters - Chime (Martijn Ten Velden Remix)

Last week we featured The Shapeshifter's remix of timeless classic, Chime. This week we bring you a Dutch maesto's take on their efforts. This mix attempts to lure Chime into the big clubs and we think you'll hear this one being played by some BIG names. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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Arno Cost & Arias - Magenta

Think back to 2007. What was the defining track of the year? This would certainly have to be in your top five! These two French producers teamed up to bring us one of the biggest tracks in club land, ever! With a twisting melody and luscious pads it's bound to be played for years to come. Check it out.

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Friday, 18 July 2008

NEWS: Best of House joins MySpace!

That's right, you can now find us on the giant networking site, MySpace. Add us as a friend to be notified of constant improvements and additions to the site. Meet and greet other people who read the blog. Pop in to say hi - You're all welcome! You can find us at myspace.com/bestofhouseblog See you there!

REVIEW: Hed Kandi - Kandi Lounge

And relax.. The latest update to the legendary Hed Kandi's ever-expanding portfolio was released to the public earlier this year and is a welcome addition to the series. Encompassing the most chilled out tracks from a variety of genres (house, soul, and R&B) the mixing is very cleverly done, resulting in a smooth flowing journey from your sofa to your deck chair and back. Perfect for a lazy Sunday evening in or as a warmup to a metropolitan night out with friends, Kandi Lounge delivers. With such variation and far too many quality tracks to mention you can be assured this would be the perfect addition to anyone's album collection. Gaining no obvious faults it does exactly what it says on the tin. 5/5. Check out the opening track, Morning Child by 4 Hero below.

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Thursday, 17 July 2008

CLASSIC: 808 State - Pacific State

Time for a new weekly post on Best Of House. the Classic, where we'll bring you anthems from times gone by, tunes that made your summers and forgotten gems of yesteryear.
First up is 808 State's Pacific State, from 1989. 808 State was the brainchild of Graham Massey, joined by Gerald Simpson and Martin Price (who both later departed the group), and their first single earned them a Top Ten hit. Check out the soaring saxophone work on this one, there's never been a track like it since that could quite match its brilliance.

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The Chemical Brothers - Midnight Madness

The Grammy Award winning duo have released their latest single. It's got 'commercial' written all over it, but if you can just look beyond that, for a second, you will find a fairly decent and catchy tune lurking in there. Coupled with a great (if not slightly odd) music video, you can expect to see this on MTV, a lot.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

NEWS: Deadmau5 releases 56 tracks, for FREE!

That's right folks, Canadian new boy voted 'Producer of the Year' has been sorting through his old hard drives to find 56 unreleased little snippets of past production work. Here's what he has to say about them..

"Before I started making house / electro / whatever I used to make alllll sorts of random / idm / glitchy stuff... The idea back then was to do a thing called "Project 56" which was 56 tracks for people with short attention spans... Instead of waiting years to finally throw it together, I figured I'd just toss it to everyone."


Kylie Minogue - The One (Freemasons remix)

Another day, another Freemasons remix. This time it's Kylie's The One that gets the special treatment. It was in fact Freemasons who produced the original 'X' album version. This mix will almost certainly feature alongside the original when released later this year. Don't be surprised if this track charts higher than the album version!

Kylie's Official MySpace / Freemasons Official MySpace

Monday, 14 July 2008

PODCAST: Future Technology - Episode 001

Introducing Future Technology mixed by Hikari No Sato, a monthly podcast drawing together some of the best tracks from all corners of the electronic music world.

For the June mix (albeit delayed until July for podcasting purposes), we drop into minimal and tech-house territory, fifteen tracks of seamless mixing perfect for chilling out in the bedroom or warming up for a night out.

Download / Playlist / RSS Link

COMPETITION: Mariah Carey looks for new sound..

Hot off the press! The pop diva has announced 'I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time' is to be the third single from her new album, E=MC2, but with a twist.. Fans have been invited to remix the song adding their own unique flavour and to send it in to be judged by a panel including Mariah's producer/manager Mark Sudack. He revealed, "This contest is a way for her to continue being a pioneer in the remix world, potentially finding a new sound, a new power, a new energy in the online space, as opposed to just the go-to producers of the moment."

Inspired? Find full details here. Best of luck!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

David Guetta ft. Chris Willis - Love Is Gone

What makes an electronic music video the most watched on YouTube? Well if this is anything to go by it would be a catchy tune, a sexy girl, and a quirky director. Watched by over 17 million viewers, Love Is Gone is a staggering 5 million views up on its nearest rival, Samwell's 'What What (In The Butt)'. Suffice to say, we won't go into that one..

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Sheila Chandra - Speaking In Tongues

This highly original song was remixed by an unknown producer. If you know who made it, please email in!

The Shapeshifters - Chime

Here's a short feature on the Acid House movement, accompanied by The Shapeshifters' version of Orbital's classic, Chime. Not much has changed apart from the new arpeggiating bass line and overall production quality, but it's a good tune none the less.

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Friday, 11 July 2008

NEWS: Dizzee Rascal tops the charts

The ex-Roll Deep member gained his first UK number one last weekend when Dance Wiv Me - co-produced with 'Acceptable In The 80s' relative newcomer Calvin Harris - successfully completed its first week of sales. Purchasable online only, it raced ahead of Dizzee's previously highest charting single, Stand Up Tall, which could only climb to number 11 way back in 2004.

Dizzee's Official MySpace / Calvin's Official MySpace / Buy

Alan Braxe ft. Killa Kella & Fallon - Nightwatcher (Tony Senghore mix)

UPDATED 15/7/08: Reports are that the remix will be released in August.

Filthy electro-heads, listen up! Tony Senghore has remixed Alan Braxe's 'Nightwatcher' and turned it into the most filthy tune of the month. It's impossible to find anywhere online at the moment but rest assured, when it does appear you will be first to know. If anyone finds it first, please email in! For now, here's the original..

Alan's Official MySpace / Tony's Official MySpace

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Alex Gaudino ft. Shena - Watch Out

This followup to the huge Destination Calabria has a lot to live up to, and it's hard to say if it does or not! Released in June, Watch Out hasn't had the chart success Destination did, but it can't be said it's a bad tune. Making the most of Perfecto Allstars' 'Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag' trumpet sample it does a good job, adding a funky bass line and vocals to match. It seems like it was released to coincide with the Euro's, but it evidently didn't make a big impression in the UK. Perhaps in Spain..

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REVIEW: Benny Benassi - Rock 'N' Rave

Released five years ago his first album, Hypnotica, isn’t such a far cry from this latest offering. Rock N Rave is still noticeably Benassi. The majority of tracks are still heavily structured around a repetitive synth hook, shouting the odd computerised vocal to remind us who we’re listening to. However, some effort has been made to get professional vocalists in on the act such as Christian Burns (heard on Tiesto’s ‘In The Dark’). The album is very electro, as we would expect, but it has moved with the times and tracks have featured on music channels such as MTV. Stand out tracks are Who’s Your Daddy?, Rock N Rave, Come Fly Away, and I Am Not Drunk which, just for it’s sheer originality is worth listening to alone. This is by no means a ‘must–buy’ and you would probably be better off previewing and buying just a few of the tunes. 3/5 at best.

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CLASSIC: Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

Way back in 1987 House music was barely heard of in the UK. In Chicago however, the clubbing scene was booming. It needed it's first true anthem and this was it. This blog won't focus on 'old-skool' house music, but today we start a new chapter online, just as Frankie did in the clubs all those years ago!

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