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Thursday, 10 July 2008

REVIEW: Benny Benassi - Rock 'N' Rave

Released five years ago his first album, Hypnotica, isn’t such a far cry from this latest offering. Rock N Rave is still noticeably Benassi. The majority of tracks are still heavily structured around a repetitive synth hook, shouting the odd computerised vocal to remind us who we’re listening to. However, some effort has been made to get professional vocalists in on the act such as Christian Burns (heard on Tiesto’s ‘In The Dark’). The album is very electro, as we would expect, but it has moved with the times and tracks have featured on music channels such as MTV. Stand out tracks are Who’s Your Daddy?, Rock N Rave, Come Fly Away, and I Am Not Drunk which, just for it’s sheer originality is worth listening to alone. This is by no means a ‘must–buy’ and you would probably be better off previewing and buying just a few of the tunes. 3/5 at best.

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