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Friday, 25 July 2008

REVIEW: Podcast Kicks

Recently we received an email from a chap notifying us of a website he thought we may be interested in. Naturally, we checked it out and were pleasently surprised with what we found. So much so, we thought we'd review it for you!

Podcast Kicks is a great way to find new and established podcasts. Of course, we headed straight over to the music category to start our journey.

The site is entirely community driven. This means users can contribute by adding their own as well as other people's podcasts that they listen to. These can then be 'kicked' (or in other words, voted) by 'tuning in' to the 'cast. The idea is that the best podcasts head to the top of the list, essentially weeding out the trash and presenting you with the best material out there. But wait, here's the best bit.. For every podcast you submit, you share 50% of the profits made from Google's AdSense service on that page!

There are many other categories ranging from the arts to politics and technology. We found the music section full of content and will probably be adding some of our podcasts to the list!

Signing up takes just seconds so check it out. 5/5

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