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Monday, 19 July 2010

A-LUV at SANKEYS Manchester

One word to describe this venue. LEGENDARY

If you never been there make sure you buy your ticket just to say to your mates "I've been there AHAHA" and laugh on their faces of jealousy. Not that the club is the biggest in this country but surely you know the name and the reputation that they carry.

The music policy in the club is something between house and techno and big names in the industry have played there such Carl Cox, Derrick Carter, Masters At Work and others. Some argue that SANKEYS use to be a place where you would be the most forefront DJ's acting as a benchmark in the house/techno club scene. Are they ready to take that title back?

Starting a new program headlining NYC dj's seems to be the answer from SANKEYS and the first DJ to host a night is no-one else then the owner of the future SANKEYS NYC. Well is name is Anthony but more known as DJ A-LUV. Promising to bring the NYC vibe to Manchester this should be a night not to miss. Also on the night will be Martinez Brothers, who recently played an amazing set at Ministry of Sound (London), Ellese and more.

So make sure you get your tickets in advance for July 31st and be there rocking the dance floor. (If you are in NYC the SANKEYS NYC is a 1100 venue capacity with a 24h license... are you ready for that? if so, the club open is doors in January/February 2011). And now something for you to enjoy :D

As always... enjoy your weekends and see you there :)