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Monday, 4 January 2010

NEWS: Deadmau5 Wants Fans' Tattoo Designs

Never one to shy away from the lime light, house music's biggest rock-star Deadmau5 has opted for another tattoo. This time he's calling to fans who have the star's own image on their skin to submit designs for his next tattoo. Broadcasting his latest idea via Facebook the Canadian had this to say,

"..for every one of you crazy fans I love so much that have Deadmau5 tattoos, I'm going to give you a square inch or something like that for you to design me something. Then I'll eventually compile them all and get a full sleeve done.."

If you're a fan and have a 'Mau5 tattoo gracing your skin somewhere, get in touch with the DJ and send in your design! Full details can be found in his Facebook note here.

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