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Saturday, 21 February 2009

PROMO: Pick of the week!

Here's a bumper post with the hottest promos we received this week. Some good stuff here. Enjoy!

Bit Crushers - Wanna Ride (Original Mix)
DJ Fame and Gaby Dershin produced this one for promo only and it's well worth checking out. They've also made a great electro mix you can also download for free here.

Bit Crushers - Wanna Ride (DJ Fame Remix)
This one is much more accessible for those not so into electro. Still retaining its quirkiness DJ Fame managed to raise the bar for this one.

Mark Bale - Tabaka (Original Mix)
Nellie Recordings are putting out some quality tunes at the moment and Mark Bale is testament to that. This early hours progressive track hit download stores last week.

Mark Bale - Happy Tears (Original Mix)
The break is so epic you'll have your arms in the air while listening to this on the bus. Well perhaps not, but you won't be able to resist doing it in the clubs!

Mark Mendes - Anzu (Original Mix)
He's only 19 but isn't wasting any time producing quality tracks. Anzu is a deep progressive tune that would be great for nearer the end of a night.

Mark Mendes - La Boom (Original Mix)
Showing he's just as capable of producing tech-house La Boom is of the same high standard.

Hypnotic Hour - Sleepy (Topo & LMK Remix)
This one wouldn't sound out of place warming up for a Sander van Doorn set.

Kocky feat. Noonie Bao - Prison Break (Adrian Lux Remix)
More progressive house, this time with accompanying vocals from Noonie Bao. Expect to hear some big DJs playing this.

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