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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

GUEST MIX: Stereoheroes

One of France's hottest electro DJ's at the moment, Stereoheroes sent us this exclusive mix for Best of House. Unfortunately it's not entirely 'exclusive' any more since they also posted it on their MySpace, but take our words for it - It was mixed for you guys!

Back on track, the duo from the 'dirty south' of France have had a phenomenal rise in the electro scene over the last two years. Originally two single producers, the team got together to make some tunes, sent them to blogs and ended up signing their tracks to some big labels. Their productions aren't easy to categorise but they say they're somewhere along the lines of 'super comic electro-crunk'.

Not only do the pair write floor-filling party tunes but they have DJ'd around the world from Paris to Sydney bringing their addictive sound with them. March and April will see them jetting off to spin their magic in Canada and America respectively.

This mix is absolutely entertaining from start to finish and we're proud to say it was made for you guys. Be sure to check out their MySpace. If you're into your electro you're going to be hearing a lot more of Stereoheroes! Enjoy.

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