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Thursday, 19 March 2009

SPONSORED: RaveStuff.com

We recently received an email pointing us in the direction of a fantastic website for clubbers called RaveStuff. On it you can buy all sorts of fun accessories of the neon variety. From glow sticks to lights and accessories, it's all there. Check them out at RaveStuff.com. Here's an interview with one RaveStuff's many satisfied customers..

Ravestuff: Janet, how did you first become a customer of Ravestuff?

Janet: I go to a lot of raves and every time I go, I get ripped off by
the vendors there. They charge about 3 dollars per glow stick, which
is way more than it should cost. But at Monster Massive this past
Halloween, my friend brought a bunch of glow sticks with him and just
started handing them out to my friends. I asked him where he got them
and he told me about Ravestuff.com. From then on, I’ve always ordered
my glow sticks and accessories from Ravestuff before I party!

Ravestuff: Were you pleased with our products and customer service?

Janet: Yes, definitely. Everything is priced really cheap and I love
the free shipping. Not to mention that you guys have a wide selection
of accessories- my favorite are "LED finger rave lights", which I get
complimented on at every rave!

Ravestuff: Will you be shopping with Ravestuff again, Janet?

Janet: Of course. And I’d recommend this site to anyone who loves
raving with style, the way I do!

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