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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SPONSORED: Kickers pres. Chromeo

The international footwear brand Kickers is helping celebrate the release of a new CSS remix of Chromeo's funky electro album title track. Though the album, Fancy Footwork was released way back in 2007 its hit single of the same name has remained ever popular still featuring in today's DJ sets. Of course, there have been many remixes since the album dropped but Kickers were keen to get on board with this one.

The Fancy Footwork campaign launched at music festivals last year where revelers were challenged to be filmed throwing down their finest footwork onboard a huge trailer for the chance to appear in a finished Chromeo video. The trailer toured some of the UK’s best live events such as Bestival, T4 On The Beach and Get Loaded.

The end result is the video above, produced by animation house Lovebite, who wove dozens of people’s dance-moves together to create a mountain of feet that would go on to power the star of the video; the home-made, motion-powered incredible ‘machine’ unleashing some rather extraordinary Kickers shoes.

To mark this occasion the shoe brand are also giving away two remixes for free download over at their MySpace page. You can hit the direct links below.

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (CSS Remix)
The tune that's used in the video. Its electronic bleeps fit perfectly with the upbeat funk of Chromeo's single. Fun and quirky.

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Sancho Panza Remix)
The London duo (Matt Brown and Jimmy K-Tel) have turned the original techno hit into a slowly evolving musical landscape. Well worth a listen.

Chromeo's MySpace / CSS's MySpace / Kicker's MySpace

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